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Britain is home to 30 million vehicles travelling 241 billion miles every year. With those numbers it's hardly surprising to hear that people report 12,000 accidents, from car park scrapes to roundabout bumps, every day.

For around 6,000 motorists, it wasn't their fault and this is where First Accident Assistance comes in. Through our dedicated working business partners and with our fleet of luxury, prestige, performance, mainstream and commercial vehicles, we help motorists who have found themselves on the wrong end of an accident regain their mobility.

We help remove the stress, we take responsibility for interacting with the fault party insurance, we organise repairs and we keep you mobile so that you are not affected by the temporary loss of your vehicle.

If you or any passengers unfortunately suffered an injury due to the accident, we shall pursue a compensation claim on your behalf through our panel of specialist personal injury law firms, who will secure the maximum compensation awards in the quickest time possible, and all our legal fees are recovered directly from the negligent party's insurers.

One call to First Accident Assistance does it all...

Accident Assistance

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We are here to assist you in the event of a non-fault road traffic accident and will provide you with our complete after care accident management services FREE of charge.


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